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Whether it’s one corner or your entire home that requires attention, Beehive Organizing is committed to creating a simple, functional home environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed and where your sense of style shines through.

Where to start?

Take one small step toward liberating yourself from stuff that no longer serves your needs. Project details are designed to reflect your needs and wishes.

Beehive Organizing can help with:

  • decluttering
  • organizing
  • downsizing
  • maximizing space and increasing flow
  • maximizing efficiency to save time and energy
  • move-management
  • sourcing, recommending, shopping for organizing systems

When done together, decluttering and organizing create more space in your life and with more free space in your environment comes more peace of mind.

Let’s Begin

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About Beehive

Hello, I’m Liz. I serve busy people who find decluttering, organizing and moving a challenging, stress-inducing or otherwise onerous task. I work with them to create a serene, well functioning space liberated from too much stuff.

My home base is Toronto, but I’ve traveled extensively and have lived in Granada, Spain, Vancouver, B.C, San Francisco and Berkeley, California. During this time, I learned how to let go of stuff…so much stuff.

Straight out of high school I studied fashion design followed by years honing my skills creating clothing and costumes for local fashion designers, as well as various theatre companies, National Ballet, Canadian Opera Company and film while living in SF.

When my son entered kindergarten, I shifted gears from fashion toward another long-held passion. My love of design had me returning to school as an adult. I earned an Honours Degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto in 2010 which informs my overall design aesthetic and interest in space planning.

Fashion and Architecture inevitably merged with my lifelong passion for organizing, lessons learned during international travels and frequent moves, and my innate interest in supporting people. All these experiences have led me to where I am today: crafting beautiful spaces for my clients.

During my off-hours, I find inspiration when practicing hot yoga, cycling the city’s streets in search of Toronto’s best espresso bars, unwinding with a good book in my backyard gazebo and traveling to places near and far in search of unique experiences.

Work with me and I will help you find a way through the clutter to the essence of your space. Contact me today for your free no obligation 30- minute consultation: I can be reached by phone @ 416-708-8575 or via email @ info@beehiveorganizing.com

As a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, I proudly uphold the organization’s Code of Ethics. For more information, please visit POC



Beehive Organizing offers professional organizing services for residential, office and commercial spaces as well as home staging services in Toronto and GTA. For more information please contact Liz for a free 30 minute consultation at 416-708-8575  or info@beehiveorganizing.com

Strategic Planning

Each project begins with planning. We work together to outline your vision and goals. Solutions are diverse as each project is unique.

You may be preparing to move to a new home or simply looking to update your current environment for any number of reasons. Depending on your needs, the process may include a combination of  sorting, organizing,  filing,  removing, consigning, donating, recycling, home staging, packing, unpacking, coordinating move-related services and more.

Based on your unique project, Beehive Organizing will recommend the best course of action and manage the entire process from start to finish.


Decluttering your environment can provide you with a sense of balance. If your home is not the oasis you’d like it to be, the first step to creating that feeling is to eliminate everything that doesn’t fit with that vision.

Decluttering is a practical approach to eliminating those things that don’t serve and enrich your life. These may include things that cause anxiety, guilt, negative emotions, things that create distraction or simply leave you feeling drained. The ultimate goal of decluttering is that you hold onto only the things you use and love, thereby creating a space where you can not only relax and enjoy spending time but will ultimately thrive.

The decluttering process can be overwhelming, but is so much easier when you have assistance and guidance from a professional who has the experience, resources and drive to streamline the process. Working with you from a position of calm objective non-judgment, we can navigate the process to your ultimate goal.


Organizing makes life flow with more ease.

Imagine the sense of relief knowing exactly where everything in your house is located, and easily being able to reach for an item without having to tear the house apart looking for it. Now, imagine if you could also put it back where it belongs with little effort so that your home remains less cluttered and you can easily find it the next time you need it. That’s the ultimate goal of organizing.

Organizing is the process of setting up effective systems for all the things in your environment. By creating categories for everything you use, you can easily locate, access and put things back. Together with decluttering, organizing creates a calm environment that allows you to focus on the things that matter. By working with you to understand your motivations, we can create the ideal system for you and your family: one you will more likely stick with because it works specifically for you.

Creating Organizational Systems

A major source of frustration and anxiety for many people is locating important items when they’re needed. Whether it’s in your home office or in the kitchen,  Beehive Organizing can help create organizational systems that work. The key is in creating systems that each member of the household or work space can readily access and easily maintain.

Closet Organizing

When your wardrobe doesn’t speak to your current lifestyle, finding something you love to wear can be a major source of frustration. Beehive Organizing can reduce the anxiety by helping to purge items that no longer work and create space for those items that not only suit your lifestyle, but also look and feel great. This includes removing unwanted clothing and reorganizing your closet for maximum flow and efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Getting ready for the day ahead will be quick and enjoyable and putting things away at the end of the day will require less effort.

Personal Shopping

Beehive Organizing is available to source and shop for organizing systems to support the functionality of  your freshly edited closet, kitchen office, garage, workroom, basement or other area of your home, office or commercial space.

Beehive Organizing can also shop for and coordinate packing material and moving supply drop off.


Organizing and decluttering requires maintenance. Let’s face it. Tidying is not everyone’s favourite way to spend the weekend or free time may be in short supply. Systems may need augmenting or tweaking as new life circumstances emerge. Whatever the reason preventing you from keeping a comfortably tidy space, Beehive Organizing is happy to support you by resetting your environment.


Lead Organizer fee is $75/hour

Assistant and Junior Organizer hourly fees vary. Please inquire.

As a general guideline, one 4-hour session is approximately the amount of time it takes to do some well-planned de-cluttering and re-organizing of a small room. More time would be required for deeper work such as decluttering and purging prior to packing, unpacking and setting up your new home, or sifting through paperwork for example. Questions? Please contact me so that we may define your specific organizing needs and to book a consultation and initial session.

The first 30 minutes of your initial 3.5 hour session (or longer) are free.

Contact Info

416-708-8575 or email info@beehiveorganizing.com