Beehive offers professional residential organizing and home staging services in Toronto. For more information please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation at 416-708-8575  or

Strategic Planning

Each project begins with planning. We work together to describe your vision. Solutions are diverse as each project is unique. I will recommend the best course of action and manage the process through to completion.

General Organizing and Decluttering

You may be preparing to move to a new home or simply looking to update your current environment for any number of reasons. Depending on your needs, the process may include a combination of  sorting, cleaning, filing, displaying, staging, removing, selling, recycling, storing or organizing specific areas, or your entire home. I will perform the efforts and install the systems required to achieve your goal.

Closet Reorganizing

When your wardrobe doesn’t speak to your current lifestyle, finding something you love to wear can be a major source of frustration. I can reduce the anxiety by helping to purge items that no longer work and create space for those items that not only suit your lifestyle, but also look and feel great.  I can remove unwanted garments and reorganize your closet for maximum efficiency. Getting ready for the day ahead will be quick and enjoyable.

Personal Shopping

After the sorting and purging process is complete, we will analyze the key pieces that make up your wardrobe and set out to shop for items that suit your current lifestyle.

I am also available to shop for organizing systems to support the functionality of  your freshly edited closet, pantry, office, garage, workroom, basement or other area of your home.

Creating Organizational Systems

A major source of frustration and anxiety for many people is locating important items when they’re needed. Whether it’s in your home office or in the kitchen, I can help create organizational systems that work. The key is in creating systems that each member of the household can readily access and easily maintain.